Four New LED lighting Industry Trends seeing from Guangzhou Lighting Fair

Intelligent lighting became the exhibition biggest highlights. During the event, many brand manufactures such as Philips were racing to launch new intelligent products. Lighting manufactures are open to Apple Homekit platform, and it’s predicted that cooperating with technology giants will be a big probability event. About connection, lighting giants have established union to prompt Zigbee. 
Intelligent lighting contains enormous potential value. Enterprises positioned intelligent lamps as internet entrance, also provide more high value-added derived service. Meanwhile, creating better luminous environment is one of purposes, it can remodel according to human needs, thus close combination with healthcare. 
High voltage and flip chip will still be market hotspots. More mature new products with high voltage chip are displayed compared to the past and downstream acceptance increased. Flip chip is expected to replace traditional horizontal chip in high-power and backlight application. 
COB and EMC package are mainstreams. In general medium-power market, the two package types have gradually consolidated its position, which meet with mainstream lighting application trends. In addition, free packaging trend was also the heated discussion topic. 

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