China LED Enterprises Shall Enrich Itself to Be Competitive in International Market

With the rapid development of LED lighting industry,, the demands of LED lighting products in people’s daily life has been rising accordingly. For example, the Europe Union has released sales ban of incandescent light in 2012, while the US will no longer produce 60W and 40W incandescent lights from 2014. Meanwhile, 75W and 100W incandescent lights are banned in Canada, thus the demands of LED lights are blossom in overseas market. Other emerging markets like Thailand, Russia, Latin America and Africa will have a large scale street lights retrofitting in 2014.

Domestic LED manufactures show great interests in overseas market with huge business opportunities. Kingsun is confident in building a good brand image and reputation in the competitive international market.  In order to be competitive in the international market, domestic LED enterprise shall enrich itself and accomplish the following several aspects:

The innovation of the technology

Kingsun always focuses on LED application technology R&D, it has successfully developed imaging optical system with independent intellectual property rights, advanced radiator optimization software, high efficiency and high reliability LED driving technology, smart wireless control system, and the world first Guardian intelligent lighting system, which formed its own core technology, met the standards of LED lighting in North America, recognized by customers. Our lighting project involved the DOT, electric power companies, shopping mall and other important fields.

Business model innovation

Kingsun launched "Factory Incubation plan" in 2012, through the business model innovation, it was applied in the United States, Asia, South America and other countries successfully. Kingsun is able to realize the product localization and enhance the brand popularity in local through Factory Incubation Plan, at the same time, customers and end users can directly get the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service from Kingsun. The cooperation model of Kingsun is multiple and flexible, can be customized for customers. Through technical cooperation, product cooperation and market penetration, Kingsun is willing to provide one-stop service for all customers, not only sell the lamp, but also provide services, solutions and business models.

Product price and quality management

Price and quality shall be double evaluated in international market, which will also be considered overall during product designing and markets orientation. Carried out the concept of “quality is the soul of the company and product” with strictly supplier access and evaluation mechanism, Kingsun optoelectronic guarantees incoming materials quality from source. Meanwhile, Kingsun strictly follows the quality standard in the production, and strive for perfection in the production process. Kingsun owns more than 160 sets testing equipments, and its products have passed international and national certifications such as UL、CE、CB、CQC, CC, and etc. Through mass purchase, large logistics and techniques optimizations, Kingsun tries to create optimal cost-effective products, also to promote LED lighting products to enter into broader international market.

Up to now,Kingsun already has 17 years experience in research and development of LED application, 10 years experience in high-power LED lighting applications, 478 authorized patents, of which 63 invention patents, more than 800,000 LED street lights and tunnel lights applied in lighting projects, 1 million households lighting experiences,  As a Chinese LED lighting leader in the global market, Kingsun has strength and confidence to provide high-quality products, lighting solutions and good services to realize KINGSUN brand internationalization.


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