LED T8 Tube Market Demand will reach USD 8,870,000,000 in 2018

According to the latest commercial lighting market report, 2014 global LED commercial lighting market penetration rate is rising rapidly and year growth will reach 23%.
The main products application type of commercial lighting is LED tube, spot light and bulb, in which Europe, North America, China is the main use area, and will be the most important market in next five years. LEDinside research manager Wu Yingjie said, LED lamp market demand is $2.58 billion in 2013, will reach $8.871 billion in 2018, it shows the importance of LED tubes in commercial lighting, especially in the supermarkets, offices, underground parking lot, also with the enhanced design scheme, the cost performance is promoted rapidly compared with other lamp types.
Wu Yingjie further pointed out that in the regional market, T8 tubes as the main products, the application in the office lighting for Europe, America, Japan is given priority to cool color, in which Chinese market is mainly made of 6500 K color temperature, but general commitment to LED lamp life is 25000 hours only.
According to the analysis of commercial lighting manufacturer strategy, Europe, America, Japan market is taking product quality improvement as one of the most basic development strategy, by prolonging products lifespan and promoting light efficiency to improve the lighting quality. The light efficiency, uniformity, color rendering and lifespan are still key technology.
On the other hand, Chinese manufacturer’s strategies are divergent. Because of the lighting market still maintain a high growth in China, no established successful model, the channel advantage should be the most important aspect, whether water and electricity provider or e-commerce is set off price war, therefore, supply chain and resource integration to control cost and get price competitive advantage is very important.

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