LED Street Light

LED Street Light(KS-E070TX).

Kingsun LED Street Light Retrofit Project in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China at Oct, 2007.

Tsinghua University is most famous university in China which has 98 years history. Kingsun have cooperate Tsinghua University for many years on Non-Imaging Quadric Optical Lens, Attractive Outline Design, Intelligent Control. At Sep, 2008, Tsinghua University want to showing their develop result; they decide to build some Kingsun LED Street Light in the school yard. This Project is showing Kingusn LED Street Lighting has already stood in the leading team in China. On the other hand, Tesinghua University has new kind of lens under design. We will push this lens to the market very soon.

This LED Street Light project is using KS-E070TX on 8 meters pole to illuminance the car park. The uniformity is better that the original light and did not have the glare, which is better for the driver.

The High Power LED Street Lights using in this LED Street Light Retrofit Project:

Kingsun LED Street Light KS-E070TX cost 70 W and can create 6300 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please LED Street Light

High Power LED Street Light

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