LED Street Light

LED Street Light(KS-E070TX).

Kingsun LED Street Light Project in Guangzhou, China

This is Third part of Kingusn LED Street Light Retrofit Project in Guangdong Science Center. This is a replace project with 9 meters height pole and has three lights on it. Kingsun using 3 units LED Street Lights KS-A070TX to replace the original 150 W HPS light in this project. The uniformity of the LED Street Light is better than the original HPS Light, and keeps everything in original color.

The LED Street Lights using in this High Power LED Street Light Retrofit Project:

KS-E070TX cost 70 W and can create 6300 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please LED Street Light

High Power LED Street LightHigh Power LED Street LightHigh Power LED Street Light

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