Kingsun held Lighting Retrofit Wealth Plan & New Product Launch

To share brand-new business model and innovative product, Kingsun held Lighting Retrofit Wealth Plan & New Product Launch in exhibition of China Import and Export Commodities Fair on June 10th. 

The plan is another innovation business model after A、B plan, Hundred Cities and Thousand Stores plan and factory incubation plan. Kingsun will provide innovation business model such as PPP、EMC、EMBT, and etc, to offer superior products and share years mature engineering project operation experience, also integrate eight service and support content, aiming to customized wealth plan for partner.

It’s known that Kingsun is focus on technical innovation, actively cooperate with top scientific research institutions at home and abroad, to promote outdoor products advantages such as quality, technology and cost performance. Meanwhile, improve product quality and level, strengthen indoor products and landscape products. 

The event is aimed at strong cooperative purpose distributor and contractors, meanwhile, Kingsun also invited industry experts, famous designer, trade media, etc. During the event, Kingsun explicated the plan in details and lift the veil on 2014 superior products. 

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