Global LED building lighting will reach 23 Billion in 2018

It’s predicted that global LED lighting in building field market will reach 8.1 billion in 2013, however, in the end of 2014, the scale may increase to 10.3 billion. The market scale is still increasing, may reach up to 23 billion in 2018. It shows that the total GAGR is 22.8% during six years, and once exceeds the limit of time, part of revenue growth rate will slow down caused by market competition cost increase. Market scale of LED lighting will tend to smooth and steady in 2020. 
As customer confused cognition to LED lighting, as well as product sale price decline even lower than global GDP rise in 2013, which caused total revenue of LED lighting industry unsatisfactory in 2013. However, the concern of the excess capacity is expected to relief with global demand growth in 2014. With LED lighting requirement rising, global lighting giants such as Philips, OSRAM, CREE, Acuity and GE have formulated development strategy to seize the market share. 

Although over the medium term LED development prospect is bright, lighting enterprises are worried about LED industry change when the demand of replaceable market tends to be saturated after 2020, let alone when market share reach up to 70-80% and LED lamps replacement cycle extended. 

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