LED Street Light

LED Street Light(KS-A154TX).

Kingsun LED Street Light Retrofit Project in Shizhou, China at Mar., 2008.

This is the last LED Street Light Retrofit Project in Dongguan Area in the first half year. Because the Dongguan Government needs time to testing the quality and the brightness decreased of the LED Street Light. So, all of this LED Road Lighting Project will testing for 6 month and continue the next step project.

This LED Street Lighting Project is in Shizhou road which is located in Shipai Main Road which has 3 lanes in each direction. The original road Lighting is 400W HPS Light on 11 meters with 37 meters apart. We use Kingsun High Power LED Outdoor Light 154W in this retrofit project.

The LED Street Lights using in this High Power LED Street Light Retrofit Project:

KS-A154TX cost 154W and can create 13860 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please LED Street LightHigh Power LED Street LightHigh Power LED Street Light

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