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WiFi table lamp (5V-1A charger or charge Pal)

WiFi table lamp (5V-1A charger or charge Pal)


Rainbow is a completely new concept of smart table lamp, which can let users define any different light scene by themselves. Users can mix different spectral light together to achieve different color effect. It has all visible light spectrums, such as red,blue, green and white. With combining all these colors, it will show 16 million different colors. As a result, we can create such wonderful ambience and so many different scenes. Light has different effects to human, a bright light would make people a happy mood, but sleepy when a dim light around. RAINBOW has already preset some special scenes, such as cosmetic, sleeping-aid, antimosquito,reading, etc. Let’s explore all the possible ambiences and enjoy the light-life.

● RGB+W light diming and multi-color
● Controlable via mobile App
● Network : Wifi wireless transmission
● Support local area network (LAN) and wide area
network (WAN) control
● Preset for Beauty, Anti-mosquito and Plant lighting
Self-define mode

WiFi table lamp

WiFi table lamp (5V-1A charger or charge Pal)

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