LED Tunnel Light

LED Tunnel Light(Artemis)

Product Description:

TL2R series Artemis is a new star LED tunnel lights released by Kingsun as a leading LED tunnel light manufacturer in 2010. This series has wide application with optional installations for tunnel lighting, gas station lighting, parking lot lighting, flood lighting, etc., which has won good reputation all over the world. Modular design with aluminum alloy housing and electrostatic sprayed surface ensures this light reaching good resistance to corrosion. Top light source from Cree and quality driver from Philips offers a lifespan over 50,000 hours and a warranty of 5 years.

Product Characteristics:

1. Aluminum alloy housing and electrostatic sprayed surface reaches good resistance to corrosion, complying with RoHS standard.

2. Built-in chimney effect thermal management system could solute the decrease of heat dissipation ability caused by dirt retention.

3. Modular structure could be applied for power variation by module increase and decrease.

4. Glareless lighting with Patented light distribution technology, safe for driving.

5. Fast plug-in-out connector ensures a much easier maintenance.


High Mast, Tunnel, Gas Station

Installation Sketch:

LED Tunnel Light(Artemis)


Polar Intensity Diagram:

Polar Intensity Diagram

LED Tunnel Light(Artemis)

Item NO. Module Qty LED Initial Flux Color Temp Power Efficiency Dimension Net Weight
TL2R2803 03 7650 lm 5028±283K >91% L302×W330×H256 6.0Kg
TL2R2804 04 10200 lm 5028±283K >91% L364×W330×H256 6.8Kg
TL2R2805 05 12750 lm 5028±283K >91% L426×W330×H256 7.6Kg
TL2R2806 06 15300 lm 5028±283K >91% L488×W330×H256 9.3Kg
TL2R2807 07 17800 lm 5028±283K >91% L550×W330×H256 10.1Kg
TL2R2808 08 20400 lm 5028±283K >91% L612×W330×H256 10.9Kg
TL2R2003 03 5100 lm 5028±283K >88% L302×W330×H256 6.0Kg
TL2R2004 04 6800 lm 5028±283K >91% L364×W330×H256 6.8Kg
TL2R2005 05 8500 lm 5028±283K >91% L426×W330×H256 7.6Kg
TL2R2006 06 10200 lm 5028±283K >91% L488×W330×H256 9.3Kg
TL2R2007 07 11900 lm 5028±283K >91% L550×W330×H256 10.1Kg
TL2R2008 08 13600 lm 5028±283K >91% L612×W330×H256 10.9Kg

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