LED Street Light

LED Street Light(KS-A042TX).

Kingsun LED Street Light Project in Shilong, China at Jul, 2007.

After Kingsun First LED Street Light Retrofit Project in Shilong and received many positive feedback from local people and the driver. Shilong Government starts to build two more retrofit projects in Shuiyuan Road and Shizhou Town. This road is located in a remote area in the hill. This replacement project is using to testing Kingsun LED Street Light performance in some rugged environment. The pass way is 6 meters with 6 meters pole. Kingsun built KS-A42TX to replace the 150 HPS Light.

The High Power LED Street Lights using in this LED Street Light Replacement Project:

Kingsun LED Street Light KS-A42TX cost 42 W and can create 3780 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please LED Street Light

LED Street Light Project

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