LED Indoor Lighting

Shop Window – LED Spotlight /LED Down Light/LED Panel Light

The shop window lighting is very important and these LED lighting products are idea choice for it: LED spotlightLED down lightLED panel light. In fact, shop window is the attractive eye of shop, the first sight between customer and the shop. Perfect lighting design help catch the customer to the new arrival and hot sale product in the window.

Jewellery, owing to its character, needs professional lighting design and the following things should be considered:

(1) High luminous efficiency

(2) Low radiation

(3) Perfect color rendering

(4) Uniform light

(5) UV protection

(6) Consistent color temperature in the whole life span

(7) Low heat

(8) Long life span

(9)Attractive light.

KINGSUN LED spotlight and LED down light with excellent performance and compact design are the best choice for jewellery lighting, which can reveal the true color of the jewellery; difference color temperature range can also enrich the original color of the jewellery.

Relevant products: LED Panel Light; LED Down Light

LED Panel Light

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LED Tube Light

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LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight

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